With the unprecedented revelations of harassment, rape and sexual assault charges levelled against Harvey Weinstein, he has been shown the door from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, also he has been kicked out from the Weinstein Company, a studio for film that he began with Bob Weinstein, his brother, and he, Harvey Weinstein has also become of the inquiry of civil rights made by the attorney general of New York. This, of course, is supplemented by the multiple police reports filed against him, from the authorities in the United Kingdom, New York, and LA.

Weinstein barred unanimously by the Guild

The PGA has also joined the line of ripple effects against the movie producer. It has been reported by the Wrap on Monday in an announcement that Harvey Weinstein has been permanently barred from Membership with the guild. Votes were cast by the PGA to remove the head of studio early this month, but he had offered to resign. However, following the trickle down of revelations and accusations against the movie producer, the Producers Guild of America had decided all together to bar him. The PGA in a statement explained their actions as a show of their intolerance for sexual harassment.