A new spacecraft is to be launched by NASA very soon that will be used to explore Mars, and this spacecraft is named the InSight lander. The agency has announced that outside of the essential functions of collecting Martian data, it would convey names of interested members of the public to the Red Planet, and to add, they will receive a surprise.

Your name can get to Mars aboard the Insight Lander

The list for interested members of the public was open on the 2nd of October, the window will be open until the 1st of November, so anyone interested may still send down their name. In a microchip made of silicon will every name be put in, each entry will arrive mars with InSight. There’s more for all interested persons, as benefits extend past the symbolism of sending one’s name into space.

A boarding pass will be handed to Every Interested Individual

IThe first flying test of the Orion was launched back in 2014, it was done so with over 1 million names sealed safely in a microchip. This is a NASA custom for ships which may be employed in the transportation of people in space. In other words, every name entry will be considered as a boarding pass for missions in the future.

The pass will depict the sum of miles flown by InSight in its voyages. It will complementarily serve as an access for the owner to be involved in the future missions of NASA. Peradventure, the pass may acquire for them a room on a travel mission to Mars.