On May 1, the Hawaii Department of Health told the FDA that a sample of frozen tuna cubes coming from Indonesia were tested positive for the hepatitis A virus.

On May 2, the FDA reached to the Tropic Fish Hawaii LLC, a distributor of Hilo Fish Company, to get extra data about the positive sample of the tuna. Tropic Fish Hawaii LLC started to recall the product because product had been already distributed to its clients in Oahu, Hawaii.

Consequences of the Test

Consequently, Hawaii banned the tested positive tuna and the FDA confirmed the sample was positive.

On May 16, Hilo Fish Company informed the FDA that it had submitted samples of extra shipments held in its cold storeroom in Hawaii to a private research center for testing and got extra positive tests for the hepatitis A.

Imported tuna were sourced from Sustainable Seafood Company and Santa Cruz Seafood and were distributed to eateries and other retail stores in CA, NY, OK, and TX.

What happened to the Tuna that tested positive?

The New York State Department of Health and the FDA confirmed that tuna shipped to New York was not sold to people. The FDA’s examination regarding these organizations is continuous.

On May 18, Hilo Fish Company started reviewing tuna sourced from Sustainable Seafood Company and Santa Cruz Seafood, Inc. whose results were positive for the hepatitis A virus.

Even though the CDC doesn’t know of any diseases connected to these products, it is best to try a post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for everyone who isn’t vaccinated and who had been exposed to these tune during these previous two weeks.

The recalled product of May 1 has been banned from circulation and the recent recalled frozen tuna weren’t sent to Hawaii, however they were shipped to the U.S.