He was one of the biggest heartthrobs of the 1980s, and became a gay icon after coming out. But pop superstar George Michael had become increasingly reclusive in recent years after gaining weight.

Perfectionist George was last seen by people taking part in a torchlight procession through the village of Goring-on-Thames in Oxfordshire on Christmas Eve, as he watched from his window the night before he night.

However, he did have a few regular visitors, including singer songwriter David Austin, who had been a friend since childhood. He also saw his sisters. While George had been to midnight mass at the local church in previous years, he did not attend this year, although his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz, a celebrity hairstylist, had visited him on Christmas Eve and was the one to discover him the following day.

George had not been seen in public since September, and friends say this is because he was a perfectionist who hated the world to see him as anything other than the slim pop star he had been at the height of his fame.


A source close to his management team said that he was an absolute perfectionist, but had lost confidence. they said that he was self conscious about his weight gain, and about scars on his head and neck following a fall from a car on the M1 three years ago when he was high on drugs.

They said he would have hated the last photographs taken of himself eating at a restaurant along with his ex boyfriend Kenny Goss and other friends, when he was seen looking noticeably larger than in his heyday.

George died suddenly on Christmas Day. His former manager said that his death was caused by heart failure. However, police have not yet released an official cause of death, saying they are treating it as unexplained but not suspicious.