Hillary Clinton has come up with claims that young ladies didn’t cast their votes for her in the last US presidential election held in 2016, all because of the males in their lives. Clinton lost the US presidential election to the controversial candidate, Donald Trump, who has been the president since November 2016.

In an interview with Morning Edition of NPR, while promoting her recent book, What Happened, Clinton questioned why the reasonable number of young women didn’t cast their votes for her.

Clinton finds it difficult to unpack the past

During the interview, she pointedly said that it feels uneasy unpacking all, pointing that she believes gender isn’t the motivating force for many young women but may be efficient in the future.

The semi-retired politician says that gender was the motivating force. She recalled a conversation Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Lean In author, where she was informed that young women were undergoing some pressure. And such pressure comes from the men in their lives, which made them not to vote for her in the last election.

Clinton further stated that Sheryl closed the sobering conversation by saying that young women will be under severe pressure and will have no empathy on Clinton. Sheryl went on to say that it’s pointedly for white women who will be pressurized by boyfriends, fathers, husbands and their male employers not to cast their votes for the female.

Clinton has been called out for blaming her election loss on others. Her new book has experienced low sales, and some retailers in the U.S. have cut down the price of the book by about 40%. Amazon was called out for deliberately writing positive reviews about the book in a bid to increase its position on book charts before the anti-Clinton campaigners took over the review section.