The heartbroken parents of seven year old Katie Rough have heard horrifying details about the way the schoolgirl died. Katie was found critically injured close to a playing field, having been stabbed in the neck and chest with a Stanley knife, a court has been told.

Tragic Katie was rushed to hospital but medics could not manage to save the little girl’s life. She was found by dog walkers in a suburb of the upmarket city of York. A 15 year old girl has now been charged with murder and has appeared at court for the first time, before being remanded in custody to a detention centre.

The victim’s grandparents and other family members attended the hearing today. They were seen hugging each other to give comfort. The 15 year old was brought in by two security guards, along with a member of the youth offending team. She has not entered a plea and said nothing during the short hearing. The teenager, who was wearing a large grey tracksuit top and who has long brown hair, will now appear at Leeds Crown Court later this week.


Prosecutors said that the little girl had suffered wounds to her neck and chest, which has been caused by a Stanley knife. Katie’s parents, Alison and Paul, are understood to have been too distressed to attend court. However, Katie’s grandparents and her half siblings were there.

The little girl has been described as kind, thoughtful and sweet. Local residents said they often saw her laughing and playing with her friends. Other neighbours described her as shy and pleasant. Floral tributes and toys have been piling up at the scene of the incident, as family members, friends and people touched by her tragic death pay their respects. She died less than a mile away from the home she shared with her parents.