A non member of a Vantaa Golf Club near Helsinki, Finland, has been banned from the Course after video of him decapitating a goose went viral on Social media.

There were varying accounts of the killing making the rounds, but the Golfer decided to come forward with his version of the story to set the records right.

According to the unnamed Golfer, the goose had been injured after one of his drives had hit the animal on the head, he visibly saw the animal bleeding from its mouth, nostrils and convulsing in pain, so he decided to put the animal out of its misery.

At this point, his girlfriend who was filming at the time, caught him on tape as he swung his club to strike the goose at the back of the head to end its suffering. The unnamed Golfer said he never knew that the intensity of the club’s swing to the head of the goose was going to “decapitate it.”

The incident took place at 8 pm on Monday last week, and the Golfer has since been arrested by the Finnish Police who are currently investigating the Golfers actions.

Video Recorded By Girlfriend

The Golfer who had contacted the Police during the week after the original video recorded by his girlfriend got leaked and went viral on Whatsapp, came forward when the Video got to the Finnish Police in a desperate move to save himself from the backlash online and a possible manhunt

The Vantaa Golf Club’s manager said he couldn’t independently verify the Golfers claim that the Golf Course was closed at the time the recording was made. He made this known when he filed for a Criminal report after seeing the viral footage on the property he has stewardship over.

He reiterated that the golfer had other options if the Course was closed and had no right to decapitate the goose even if it was at the point of the death. Such an exclusive privilege for the fate of the animal was the Police or Animal authority to determine.

A RSPCA spokesman urged individuals who find injured animals (not just on golf courses), to notify relevant animal specialists urgently before embarking on measures independently, as this may attract penalties or warrant prosecution.