Can you recall all those under-the-radar information that suggested Apple’s iPhone X or iPhone 8 as it was then called would have fingerprint scanners just below the display? Well, as we later got to learn, the Steve Jobs pioneered company in no way nursed such plans as it stunned the global market with its acute Face ID package.

Other tech giants may have had themselves lost by the novel and refreshing introduction by the company. Even Samsung, the company said to be the biggest digital fan of Apple may have set into gear the various ways it will adopt some of the immaculate technology in the iPhone X into their upcoming phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9, which has been slated to be put out to the public come 2018, the first quarter. Regardless of the change in plans, there are slight indications that the dream child of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9, may get to have the captivating simulations installed in its software.

Competition for iPhone X to come out soon

News of Samsung going ahead to avoid incorporating the regular finger print sensors beneath the screen as it is the company’s norm has already been dispersed about by the Investor, nonetheless, it is suggested that the sensors will this time be installed behind the phone, and not removed entirely, due to the fact that there are many already flourishing applications and programs that uses its technology. The fingerprint scanner has been arranged to feature in both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Also in the speculations, is the reported finalization of the description of the Galaxy S9 specification, after it ran successfully a model of it last month. The assembling of actual units of their product is slated to start next month, December which somehow appears that the company would like to release a potential competitor as soon as it possibly can for the iPhone X by Apple.