Mystery still surrounds the disappearance of a 23 year old RAF serviceman, who seemingly vanished into thin air in the British cathedral town of Bury St Edmunds. Corrie McKeague was last spotted on CCTV in September in the early hours of the morning.

Dressed in a pink shirt and white jeans, he is seen walking into a cobbled loading area before he disappears. His disappearance was reported to police about 48 hours later after he failed to turn up for work at RAF Honington nearby. But, in four months, there have been no leads about what could have happened to him.

Police cannot understand how a grown man walking through the centre of town with lots of CCTV cameras has vanished. Officers have described how he would not have been able to walk more than a few stops without being caught on the next CCTV camera. At that time of night, it appears he would not have been able to go into a building near the High Street and there is nothing to suggest that he was picked up or taken away in any type of vehicle. There are 61 cameras in town and not one picked him coming back out of the horseshoe shaped area.


Detectives have carried out extensive searches of the town itself and the rural areas close by. A social media campaign was also launched as well as appeals being issued via radio and television. His family have paid for private investigators after a crowd funding campaign raised tens of thousands to help them.

His desperate girlfriend, who is pregnant with his first child has also appealed for anyone with information to come forward. However, while police have looked and, and discounted many theories, including that he could have been crushed by a bin lorry, his disappearance still continues to perplex his family and authorities.