The Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington has been subject to a public outcry by media agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations advocating Human rights in the Unites States of America.

A hunger strike came under the spotlight in the detention facility, organized and undertaken by 750 detainees, estimated to be mostly immigrants with expired visas or charged with illegitimate entry to the country.

The NDWC is filled with over 1400 inmates, mostly migrants, nearly exceeding its full capacity.

Inhuman conditions

The initiative taken by the prisoners reflects the harsh conditions they are forced to endure inside their lockup, demanding humanitarian conditions to be applied to them.

The complaints vary from food quality to transparent immigration procedures, all the way to medical care access and high commissary prices.

The demeaning wage of 1 dollar per day for assisting in the operational mechanism of the prison, cooking and cleaning is a vocal point that the prisoners have united against.

An activist coalition, calling themselves NWDC resistance, have been urging authorities to address the humiliating conditions that have merged since Mr. Donald Trump has taken charge of the country.

A spokeswoman for the group, Maru Mora Villalpando, has told The Daily Beast the conditions in the detention facility have been heavily aggravated since the inauguration of the current head of state.

Inmates have been reporting to agents of the Non-Governmental Organization the daily routine of 3 meals consisted of the beans and rice and added: “Commissary is very expensive and my family always gives us a little bit of money, and sometimes… spends hundreds of dollars”.

Prison administration comforts the public

The prison is under the operation of a private prison conglomerate, GEO Group, known to have been advocates of the Trump campaign and donating to the pro-Trump PAC $225,000.

In a response from the regional spokesperson of the company, Virginia Kice, attempted to comfort the public and tackle the uproar, explaining: “detainees who formally declare their intention to undertake a hunger strike will be transferred to a dedicated housing unit so they can be closely monitored to ensure their welfare. For those individuals, ICE will implement the hunger strike protocols, which includes close medical supervision and suspension of commissary privileges”