Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant has revealed that he won’t be part of the team’s entourage when they visit the White House because of President Trump.

“I won’t be going because I have no respect for the person who is in the White House at the moment.”

Durant made the revelation during a chat with ESPN in his hometown as the team gets set to face Washington Wizards. Although The White House has not sent an invitation to the NBA champions.

Durant further explained why he will be going against tradition this time around

“I don’t agree with his policies and what he stands for so this is one way to tell him that.” He further explained that it was a personal decision for him. “This is my personal decision and it has nothing to do with the rest of the team even though I know my teammates will share the same sentiments as me.”

He said that although his dream was to one day take the NBA trophy to the White House. This is not the time to fulfil that dream.

Trump Has Not Been Helpful

Trump rhetorics in the last few years has not helped in unifying the country and his response to the violence that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, has only made things worse.

“I am going to sit back and see how things go,” Durant said. “I wanted to voice out my feelings right away but I just felt I had to hold back because I am a voice in my neighbourhood and we deal serious operation every day.”