British Prime Minister Theresa May has revealed she is heading to meet the new president of America Donald Trump at the White House on Friday. That means, Mrs May, who was the tenth world leader to receive a phone call following President Trump’s election success, will be the first to visit him for face to face talks after his inauguration.

And, Mrs May, who has been critical of the property tycoon previously, says she is not afraid to challenge him if he voices unacceptable views. However, she said their talks would centre around trade issues as Britain prepares to exit Europe, as well as on Nato and Russia.

Following huge protests around the world from women opposed to Mr Trump’s views, Mrs May would not say whether she will talk to him about his previous comments about groping women. However, she did say that the two countries had a special relationship which meant she would be able to speak out if she believed something was unacceptable. She added: “Whenever there is something that I find unacceptable I won’t be afraid to say that to President Trump.”


And, Mrs May said that the fact she was the first foreign leader to meet with the president at the White House sent out a big statement about the role of women in the world. While it was thought that she would be heading out to Washington during February, the plans have been brought forward.

A key point of their talks will be what sort of deal the US is prepared to give the UK on trade as Mrs May prepares to trigger Article 50 to begin divorce proceedings with Europe. President Trump has already said that he is hopeful he and Mrs May can develop a constructive relationship akin to that enjoyed by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in the Eighties.