T-Mobile and Sprint are yet to close down their talks on the chance of a possible merger regardless of the disagreements over which party is to control the company when combined. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, talks have been restarted by T-Mobile in order to save merger by bringing to the table a revised and improved offer, and there is high chance that they could come to a consensus in weeks.

Masayoshi Son, the chairman of SoftBank, was said to have tried walking away from negotiation talks after concerns were expressed by his shareholders about giving the reins of Sprint over if the merger were to pull through. It is presumed that Deutsche Telekom will carry a majority share in the combined company, but SoftBank has been searching out ways to ensure for itself an influential voice in the direction of the company.

T-Mobile is unwilling to give this deal up

The routine conference calls were done away with by both parties when quarterly earnings were reported this month; the action was judged as a step towards evading questions concerning the rumored coalition. Reports about the fact that the board members held talks on the merger were given, it is cautioned by the Journal that a failure to reach an agreement is still very possible.

If the deal goes through, the deal will bring about a massive carrier exceeding 100 million clients. That would make the company stand close to the size of rivals like Verizon Wireless. Also, if the merger were to go through, the merger would reduce in a great measure the US providers that consumers may decide from a number of four that it was to only three.