On the eve before Friday is an excellent occasion to step outside, breathe in the air and just look to the skies, because at that moment, Uranus will be within sight.

Owing to the confluence of rotations lined up, a unique approach to earth is going to be made by Uranus towards tonight. The planet which is the seventh in the universe has four times the radius of the earth and will be a little below 2.0 million miles away from earth’s reach.

Outside of it being the closest approach, Uranus has ever made, other factors are contributive to us being able to view the blue-green gas globe in the sky. The first being the fact that the moon is waning making the clouds to be darker than what is considered the norm. Uranus will be in the different space of the sun and so rise from the east, making it to be visible and lighted up than it has ever been all through the night.

Easy to spot

Although Uranus is not visible without the use of a telescope, it should be within the visibility of the human eye without binoculars being used. Uranus will be easy to spot from the south and eastern part of the sky tonight.

However, if perchance you experience a difficulty in viewing the giant ball of gas, SkyView app will be of help in observing the stars.