A ferry just near Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, had caught fire and resulted in what is known to be now as much as 23 deaths along with 17 others whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The majority of the 230 passengers aboard the ferry were Indonesians, and they had been celebrating and taking part in the New Year’s Eve festivities.

The ferry had departed from the Muara Angke port in Jakarta and was bound to Tidung, an island situated around the Kepulauan Seribu chain.

According to reports from an official of the Jakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency, Seply Madreta, he stated that the fire had completely demolished half of the ferry, adding that 23 dead bodies had been found, and another 22 were hospitalized immediately for severe burns.

Burned Beyond Recognition

Colonel Umar Shahab, who serves with the Jakarta police’s health department, says that 20 bodies that had been recovered from the scorched ferry had been burned beyond any recognition, and their identities will take some time in order to be examined thoroughly by a police hospital.

As of now, a mass hunt involving around 10 different ships have been conducting a search for the remaining 17 missing people from the vessel.

Witnesses to the Flames

Eye witnesses to the massive blaze of the ferry reported that they sighted smoke coming out of the vessel just around 15 minutes or so after it had departed from Muara Angke port.

Footage of the matter was seen in which the blazing ferry was recorded and one woman taking refuge in the water can be heard shouting “Oh God! Oh God!”

The cause for the fire is still unknown, and an investigation has been launched in the time being. The ferry’s captain is also under investigation by the authorities regarding the event, according to the head of the disaster mitigation agency, Danny Wahyu Haryanto.