As of now, former US President Jimmy Carter remains to be the only ex-president who will be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration once sworn in as the next president.

The Clintons along with George W. Bush have not yet confirmed whether they will be attending the inauguration, and have postponed their decisions until New Years.

Spokesman for Bill Clinton, Angel Urena, has refused to comment on the matter, whilst both Clintons ever since Hillary’s defeat have not made much publicity afterwards.

Meanwhile spokesman for George W. Bush, Freddy Ford stated that Bush will not make any final decisions on the matter until the upcoming New Years.

Although George W. Bush tweeted after Mr. Trump’s victory and congratulated him, neither he nor his father actually support the Republican candidate.

Who Else Isn’t Coming?

Spokesman for George H.W. Bush, Jim McGrath has announced that the former president has finalized his decision in not attending the upcoming inauguration, adding that his old age at 92 years serving as the primary reason for him being unable to attend.

Although it is a tradition that all former US presidents receive an invitation to attend the next president’s ceremony, not all end up attending.

However, Jimmy Carter, a Clinton supporter himself, has agreed in joining the event.

Patterns from the Past

Back in 2009 President Barack Obama had the privilege of both of the Bushes, Clinton and Carter in attending his inauguration.

However, George W. Bush was not greeted with the full set of living former presidents since Gerald Ford was 91 years old and in bad health, who eventually died the following year.

Meanwhile regarding Mr. Trump, the Clinton ‘camp’ has been in conflicting views regarding Bill Clinton in attending the inauguration or not with the label of a former US president. Some have stated that the Clintons should attend as a sign of approval for the next transitioning team, regardless of Hillary’s own defeat.