Reality star Khloe Kardashian has admitted she has an unhealthy relationship with food. While the Kardashians have been much quieter in the media of late, following Kim Kardashian being the victim of an armed robbery, Khloe has now given an interview talking about her diet and exercise habits ahead of her new fitness show.

In an interview, Khloe said that she has had an “unhealthy relationship with food my whole life”. She explained that she had turned to food but knew that food would never help her to lose the weight she wanted to.

Instead, she found that exercise became an outlet after the stress of her split from Lamar Odom in 2013. She said she would simply become her headphones on and get on with using training equipment and no one bothered her.

An escape

She said that she could simply watch some mindless television while exercising and it would help her to switch off. She explained: “I escaped there and as a byproduct, I started losing weight.”

From then, she started taking exercise more seriously for the benefits it could offer her, calling up trainer Gunnar Peterson, who she credits with changing her body for the better. Kim has already been training with Peterson for 18 years. Khloe says she genuinely does not care what weight she is, but is more concerned with being healthy.

She said that she did not set herself any target like losing 30 pounds in 30 days, for example. She said she’d previously done all sorts of diets and detoxes, including the Master cleanse. However, she said that such measures did not work for her body or her lifestyle.

Now, she has her own fitness show in the pipeline and has found love with Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson. She says that she likes athletes because they have common ground in liking to work out.