Over 70 million dollars has been put down by Bill Gates run investment firm to establish a community that is planned completely; it is slated to be located in Arizona. The land that measures about 25,000 acres is located on the west side of Phoenix, 45 minutes away. It is planned to be situated in a place called West Valley. The already existing community is planned to be developed by Bill Gates and turned into what is described as a “smart city”, the finished city would be named Belmont.

“Belmont will bring about a community that is advanced with infrastructure and communication, and it will feature technology that is considered to be state-of-the-art and will be designed around premium speed networks, centres for data, manufacturing technologies that are novel and models for distribution. It will also feature vehicles that are autonomous and logistic hubs that are that way also.” This was revealed by the partners involved in the Belmont project, the real estate company of Arizona which are involved in the project.

Ronald Schott has stated that the freeway which has been proposed would link Las Vegas to the city, and thus makes it a great spot to start a community. Schott is an executive of the Technological Council of Arizona.

Belmont to be filled with world-class infrastructure

As declared in the plans for the city, 3,800 of the budgeted 25,000 acres of land will be used to build offices. 470 from the budget will be used to create centres for education and public schools, that will leave enough allowance to establish buildings where people will reside, it is numbered at over 70,000 residential units.

“Belmont is comparable regarding square miles and the population that is projected to stay in the area to Tempe, a city in Arizona. The plan of the city of Belmont will transform what was originally a city that was bland and seemingly uninteresting into a deliberately crafted, masterpiece that is at the top regarding its model of infrastructure,” Belmont properties stated.