The Ex-Liverpool centre-back feels Jurgen Klopp’s best 11 can compete with anyone, but believes the team lacks depth in their ranks.

The former England international, Carragher, who made over 500 appearances for Liverpool, feels the players have proved that they can match the best, although he feels they need more quality recruit in the team if they want to take the next big step to compete among Europe Elite.

“The first XI team Can match any club side, we all saw how they proved that in the big match with breathtaking performances in all those games in 2016-17,” Carragher revealed in an interview with the official Liverpool website.

“Although over the past campaign now, especially during December and January, it was very clear that the team wasn’t big enough or had that depth to compete in the league. I feel that aspect needs to be addressed before the next campaign kickoff.

“Instead of just recruiting more players to the club, you still need to add players to the team side. If there is an addition of three or four players, it means three or four of those who played regularly last season, will be on the sideline.

“It gives the team that extra strength and more quality options in the squad. It is not just the number of players but the depth in the entire team. It’s all about recruiting the right players that will cope with the squad immediately.”

Deep in the Transfer Tussle

Jurgen Klopp has thrown his hat into the battle for Monaco’s Mbappe and the club are also looking to sign up Southampton’s Van Dijk. Although the deal for the latter has hit the rocks following allegations of player tapping by Southampton.