Liza Minnelli has had her mother’s remains moved from New York to California, nearly half a century after she died. The Wizard of Oz star has been flown to Los Angeles, so that she can be buried along with the rest of her family.

Ms Garland died in 1969 and was interred in a mausoleum in Hartsdale, New York. However, her remains have now been flown in cargo by American Airlines to Hollywood. The action was taken following a request from Ms Minnelli, 70, who wanted her mother to be moved to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

It is understood that the decision was taken because there was not enough space in the New York cemetery for the rest of her family to be laid to rest with her, when the time comes. It is believed that her three children, who are all still alive, wanted to make sure that they, and their own children, could all be buried together along with Ms Garland when their time is up.

The acting legend is set to be interred in the Bath Olam part of the cemetery, which is usually reserved for those of the Jewish faith. Both of Ms Garland’s husbands were Jewish, but she was actually raised as an Episcopalian.

Hollywood legends

Ms Garland will join a string of Hollywood greats who are buried in the Los Angeles cemetery, including George Harrison, Johnny Ramone and Mickey Rooney. Visitors and tourists head to the cemetery to pay their respects to stars of days gone by. Far from being a place just for peaceful mourning, the cemetery is a vibrant location, which hosts such events as summer concerts in the warmer months.

Ms Garland will forever be remembered for her iconic role as Dorothy Gale in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz. She died when she was only 47 after a long battle with drugs, alcohol and mental illness.