Lord Snowdon, the former husband of Princess Margaret,has died at home at the age of 86. The photographer divorced Princess Margaret amid rumours that she had been unfaithful, and went on to wed Lindsay-Hogg, who had previously been married to movie director Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

However, their marriage ended during the Millennium because Lord Snowdon was accused of having an extra marital affair. He was just as well known for her relationships as his professional career, which has been illustrious. Three years ago, he gave a number of his photographs, including portraits of the late David Bowie as well as Sir Laurence Olivier and Dame Maggie Smith to the National Portrait Gallery in London, where they still hang. In total, he donated 130 images, which is one of the largest donations the gallery has ever had.

Official royal photographer

Lord Snowdon was renowned for his talented shots of performers, high society and people in the fashion industry. When he got married to Princess Margaret, he also became the official royal photographer. His work included taking official portraits of the Queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh while they were on a tour of Canada in 1957. Other subjects included Barbara Cartland, Anthony Blunt and JRR Tolkien.

He has worked with Vogue and the Sunday Times Magazine on a number of hard-hitting documentary subjects too, including loneliness and mental health.

He and the Queen’s sister broke up in 1978. He leaves behind four children. He and Princess Margaret have two children together, while he had another child with his second wife and he also had a son with a photographer.

It is not known exactly how he died, but his family have said that he died peacefully. Buckingham Palace simply said that the Queen had been informed. However, the Queen did not comment any further.