A woman from Virginia, who accused Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder results in cancer, won the case as St Louis court gave her $110.5 million.

The jury ruled for Louis Slemp, a 62-year-old woman who filed the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson on Thursday. Slemp lives in Wise town in Virginia.


Slemp discovered that she has ovarian cancer back in 2012. That is when she started to blame Johnson & Johsnon. Slemp confirmed her use of their talcum powder products for over 40 years. Hence she blamed the company for her illness.

Since her cancer expanded and reached the liver, Slemp couldn’t attend one of the trials but in an audio tape she recorded as a testimony, Slemp said: “I trusted Johnson & Johnson. Big mistake.”

On Friday, Jim Onder, one of Slemp’s lawyers expressed how “thrilled” she was to hear the award news on the phone. Onder added that Slemp hoped that her case would send a message. He also confirmed that she is very ill and cannot talk to reporters.

Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical company, stated that it would prove Slemp wrong. The company is hopeful as it won a St. Louis Jury in March on top of two cases in New Jersey whose judge couldn’t find any evidence to accuse the pharmaceutical company.


“We are preparing for additional trials this year, and we will continue to defend the safety of Johnson’s Baby Powder.” Johnson & Johnson affirmed.

This jury is the third one; there are other juries who awarded $197 million to petitioners who have the same accusations as Slemp. These cases are still under appeal. On a national scale, there are around 2,000 state as well as federal lawsuits in court blaming the use talcum powder for causing health issues.