A man has been rescued after an accident in a ski resort in Colorado, where he was strangled by the strap of his own backpack, dangling from a chair lift.


According to witnesses from the scene, the man was on the chair lift at around 11am on Wednesday morning, when he was tangled when trying to get off at the top of the hill.

The chairlift kept moving which caused the strap to wrap around the man’s neck, which caused him to fall unconscious and dangle from the chair.

Mickey Wilson, a professional skier, came to the man’s aid and cut him loose. He  wrote on Instagram that he was sitting behind the man when he became tangled, and described him as a friend of a friend.

He and a group of people ran down hill as soon as they realized what had happened. The workers at the chairlift stopped the chair lift. Wilson then climbed the lift tower and walked ten meters across the ski lift’s cable, reaching down to cut him free.


“The backpack had wrapped around his neck and he was unconscious, dangling 10 feet above the snow,” Wilson wrote. “Panic was becoming terror as we realized we were about to watch our friend die in front of our helpless eyes.

“I realized I could climb the lift tower above the chair and climb onto the cable and shimmy down to him. I knew my slack line experience prepared me perfectly for this so I burst into action.

“I climbed the tower and slid down to the the chair. It was second nature, just like being on a slack line.”

Wilson he first tried to kick the strap to break it, but was then thrown a knife, which he then used to cut him free.