According to CNN, a man was arrested Friday night after being discovered by a Secret Service officer, after breaching the White House grounds.

Intruder in the White House:

The intruder was carrying a backpack which didn’t contain hazardous materials. He jumped the fence at the south side of the White House just before midnight.

President Trump was at the White House at the time, as he was spending the weekend in Washington, D.C. The intruder approached the commander-in-chief’s bedroom window, and got as close as 200 feet.

The White House was placed under security condition “orange,” following the breach. “Orange” is one of the highest levels of security for the Secret Service.

The intruder was carrying a California driver license, his identity and motivation are not yet known. According to the police, the man had reportedly that he is a friend of President Trump’s and had an appointment.

The metropolitan police has currently the suspect in custody.

Past intruders:

In recent years, there has been other trespassing incidents of White House grounds.

During Thanksgiving in 2015, a man called Joseph Caputo was wearing an American flag as a cape when he was caught on the North after he scaled the fence. Former president Obama and his family were celebrating the holiday at the time inside the residence.

Another intruder, Omar Gonzales, made it through the north portico doors with a knife the previous year. At the time of the intrusion, the first family was not present.