According to an order filed on Wednesday, Thomas Leonard who died by gunfire first shot a man who’s making out with his long-standing girlfriend. In retaliation, Steven E. Adams fired back, causing the death of Leonard.

Court case adjourned

Following the search warrant filed in a Circuit Court in Dane County, Leonard’s girlfriend, Tamicka Featherstone made the police know that the Leonard came close to the SUV driven by Steven, and shot. Consequently, Adams fired back and killed Leonard. The incident took place during the early hours of Sunday, outside a Sun Prairie home.

The result from an autopsy carried indicated numerous gunshot injuries killed the 33-year old Leonard of Marshall.
On Monday, Adams was arrested and charged for possible possession of a firearm by a felon. He came to the court with his lawyer, Joshua Kutnick on Wednesday, and was set free from jail following a bond which Kutnick and Mauricio Cardona, Assistant District Attorney signed. Speaking on the issue, Cardona said that the matter is still under investigation. As such, Adams should be back to the court on the 3rd day of August.

Search warrant

Featherstone was residing with Leonard, as well their two kids; she told the police that she drove to the apartment at 425 S. Bird St. to pay a visit to her friend, Tiv Adams. Suddenly, she saw Leonard in the parking lot walking, and the next thing she heard was gunshots. She took refuge in some trees and later found Leonard lying lifeless afterward. Contrary to what she told the police, the search warrant reveals another side of the story.

The other aspect of the story from search warrant indicates that Featherstone told the cops ab initio that she was with Steven Adams, who’s a cousin to Tiv Adams from Saturday night through to Sunday. She said that Adams had been a friend for about a decade now. Likewise, Leonard knew him too. She also stated that they headed for a movie in Sun Prairie, and then searched for a bar at Madison. Finally, they went back to Tiv Adams’ place.
Speaking to the police, Featherstone further revealed that Leonard came towards Steven Admas’ car and shot him once; Adams had to shoot back and killed Leonard, then moved away in his vehicle.

Featherstone said that she had to pick up Leonard’s handgun, dipped it into her purse which Tiv Adams took to her residence. She admitted that the purse and the gun were still intact in her place.
During the search warrant by the police, they found the purse and a Glock .40 caliber handgun in the apartment. The gun featured a round in the chamber and nine rounds in the magazine. Likewise, the police also found a used .40 caliber shell close to Leonard’s body.

Furthermore, the warrant demanded to conduct a search on Featherstone’s cellphone gotten from Tiv Adams’ residence. The police stated that the search on the phone would reveal the phone contact between Steven Adams and Featherstone. Meanwhile, Featherstone admitted that she had discussed with Adams on that same phone.
Adams was apprehended on Monday following a police contact by Kutnick. The police found Adams’ SUV parked at the Microtel Inn, 2139 East Springs Drive, close to East Towne Mall as described by Kutnick.