Former welterweight champion and Philippines legend Manny Pacquiao has revealed that he will not stop fighting after his defeat to Jeff Horn in a controversial manner in Australia.

Shock Defeat In Brisbane

Jeff Horn shocked the whole world when he won his fight against Manny Pacquiao in Brisbane with the judge’s unanimous decision in all 12 rounds of the bout.

The fight was reviewed by The World Boxing Organisation and the organization backed the decision of both the referee and the judges in favour of the Australian native.

After the fight, it was suggested that Manny Pacquiao might throw in the towel on his 22-year career but he laid the rumour to rest by stating that he loved this sport and we will not be leaving anytime soon.

His decision to carry on fighting means he would most likely activate the rematch clause in the contract between him and Jeff Horn. So they could square up against each other later this year.

Manny Declares His Love For Boxing

He wrote on his social media pages “ I am in love with this sport and my passion is stronger than ever. I will keep on fighting for my faith, my country, my fans and my home country.”

Manny’s supporters believed the decision that was awarded after the game was done because Jeff Horn was fighting in his home country and this led to a call for a review by the Philippines’ Games and Amusement Board.

The call was however rescinded by the WBO as the board backed the judges after five other judges validated the decision in favour of Jeff Horn.