The surge of extreme right wing populist parties is shaping the 21st century, basing their rhetoric on the failure of the liberal agenda and mainly inciting fear and radicalism into their populations mind from Islamic terrorism.

The rise of the most sophisticated extremist militia in the history, Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL), has been given a major boost to these political motions that tend to rely on xenophobic and racist rhetoric in their political agenda.

The escalation of terrorist attack in the recent years and the significant hike in their magnitude in Western nations, especially France, added to the breakthrough of the Front-National party led by the far-right politician Marine Le Pen.

Trump support

The president of the United States of America has been publicly supporting the populist right-wing phenomenon in his allied countries, upholding their rhetoric and asking their nations to put their trust in their leading capabilities to protect and secure their territories and populations.

The “Leader of the Free World” has affirmed that the recent Paris shooting will boost the approval rating of the French presidential candidate as a rational outcome of the current conditions.

France under security concerns

The presidential elections in France, currently ongoing, saw unprecedented political changes that are polarizing the nation in a destabilizing manner.

Several major terrorist attacks, including the shooting of two officers in Paris two days ago, have devastated the nation by their cruelty and hijacked by Mrs. Le Pen towards ascending to power.

The strong-woman has been advocating radical approaches towards foreigners, immigrants, border regulations and especially the Islamic religion. With each terrorist action taking place in the European country and its neighboring states, the popularity of the right-wing politician rises, posing a risk for the liberal political elite that have been running the country for decades.