Prospective jurors believe that Martin Shkreli is “the face of corporate greed in America.”

Shkreli, best known for raising the price of life-saving pharmaceuticals, is charged in links with securities fraud. Prosecutors say he manipulated investors in one company and then overcharged his other company to pay them back. Shkreli’s defense attorneys, however, attests that he paid them back.

Judge claims that he finds Shkreli’s case irrelevant

“I think [Shkreli’s] a very evil man,” the first prospective juror told Judge Matsumoto.

Another juror told the judge that both of his parents are on Daraprim, the drug whose price Shkreli is best known for raising.

“I also have several friends with HIV and who have AIDS, who can’t afford their drugs,” he added. “Unfortunately, it’s in the back of my mind the whole time.”

Another judge told Matsumoto he finds the defendant as “the price gouger of drugs.”

“I know he’s the most hated man in America, in my opinion,” another woman said. “My father’s cancer medication costs $1,000 a month. I don’t think I can be fair and impartial.”

A federal prosecutor, on the other hand, did not believe that Shkreli’s price-gouging is irrelevant.

“If the defendant takes the stand and testifies, it is possible some of this information opens the door” for talk about price gouging, Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexandra Smith said.

Pure Evil

The suspect was long perceived as evil or more specifically a snake.

“I looked right at him, and in my head I said, ‘That’s a snake,’ not knowing who he is,” one woman told the judge.

Another prospective juror mocked Shkreli’s neck as the commented on how manipulating he was when he raised drug prices.

“Who does that?” she asked. “A person who puts profit over everything else.”

Another woman even commented behind his back.

“I would never convict him.” one woman told the judge.

“I think it’s a scam, the stock market,” she clarified.