Nokia Lumia 520 With 512 MB Of RAM Has High App Download Traffic
After the tie up between Microsoft and Nokia, the former had placed a special emphasis on high range and expensive mobile phone devices. However, statistics revealed by Washington based research company Redmond, show a different picture altogether. Microsoft says that of all the downloads initiated, around 71% were from so-called ‘low memory’ Lumia devices. Of all these ‘low memory’ devices, the most popular is Nokia Lumia 520 which has just 512 MB of RAM.
MicrosoftTo Formulate App Requirement Within Less Expensive Phones
These statistics show that when it comes to downloading apps, the top ten popular handsets include 7 modelsthat fall in the‘low memory’ range. Keeping this is mind,Microsoft has decided to keep app requirements within the range of these popular phones to ensure that users of low memory devices can make the most of these apps. Recently, Microsoft has been in talk with Windows apps developers in order to corner this potentially huge apps market. The main reason behind this is to enlarge the circle of active apps being usedon low memory devices. If Microsoft is able to do this, then they can surely increase the popularity of their windows phones in this price segment.
Game Download Stores Show An Upward Trend As Well
Other than the apps download, the market for game download stores has been bright as well, with low memory phone downloads scoring big again. Therefore, in order to move forward to high level games, it would be wise for app developers to release low end games or versions to ensure better sales volumes. Microsoft has made it clear that they do not expect high revenues from their app store. Their main aim is to increase the popularity of the store and the phone. However, mostin-app purchasesare available for $4.99, $9.99 and $19.99.