South St. Paul authorities have launched an investigation into the alleged accusations against teacher Aric Babbitt and his husband Matthew Deyo for indulging in sexual misconduct with eight underage adolescents.

The investigation lasted for four months and has been officially closed, as the bodies of both Babbitt and his husband had been discovered from an apparent suicide or murder on the Lopez Island situated in Washingston.

The couple had died before any actual charges could have been placed against them.

After a 16 year old boy had reported to the authorities of South St. Paul that the couple had been in a relationship with him, the police had dug even deeper into the matter, only to find that several more cases regarding the couple had also been ongoing.

More in Store

The authorities confiscated multiple forms of evidence in photos, videos, and from the computer of the couple after seven more youngsters had come up and reported their own stories about the sexual acts being done to them by both men.

The entire investigation consists of 134 pages, and all acts of sexual misconduct had allegedly taken place at the couple’s home situated in Crow Wing County, at hotels around Minneapolis, and as well as one of the men’s parent’s farm situated around Hastings.

Hidden Agendas

The first child victim had stated that Babbitt used to be his teacher, and that he had considered him as somewhat of a role model for him. As Babbitt had later on disclosed his secret of being a homosexual, he continued to be a mentor for the young boy and at some point had requested from him photos of himself before he had reached the age of 16.

The school Babbitt had taught at was the Lincoln Center Elementary, and the superintendent of the school, Dave Webb remarked on the matter by saying that they had always strived to create a safe and secure atmosphere within their school, and these allegations have definitely served as a heavy obstacle for them.