Two people died in a suspected murder-suicide on Wednesday at North Lake College in Texas. This incident comes as the second attack on a Texas campus this week.

When an active-shooter alarm rang at North Lake, a two-year public school in Dallas, students were ordered to remain locked in their rooms. The college suspended all classes until Friday.

James McLellan, the spokesperson of Irving police department, stated that no other people were injured in the attack.


“I saw a guy standing and there was a girl sitting on a chair. I saw him shooting her three times,” Nasrin Nanbakhsh, a math teacher at the college, said.

After witnessing this horrible scene, Nanbaksh hid in a room where she turned off all the lights and locked the door while she emailed her bosses about what had just happened.

“I just saw the gun, as soon as I looked at it. I saw the gun, and he shot her three times, and it was too close,” Nanbakhsh continued.

As officers were trying to find the gunman, McLellan said that policemen stopped many cars which were leaving the campus hoping to find the killer.

Later identified by the police, the murdered victim is Janeera Nickol, a 20-year-old woman and the killer is Adrian Victor Torres, a 21-year-old man.

Two Days Later

This is the second attack on a campus in Texas during this week. The first one was only two days before this shooting. The first shooting was in Austin at the University of Texas where three people were hurt and one person died. The attack’s suspect was reported mentally ill by the police. The suspect was committed for treatment and no charges were pressed.

“There appears to be no continuing threat but police will continue to search to make the campus safe.” Irving police department tweeted.