The battle between the Reds over the years has never been short of fireworks.

Both English Football clubs possess reputable European Pedigree, but domestically Liverpool hasn’t faired as much as Manchester United have.

Gary Neville in a sit-in with Jamie Carragher analyzed a couple of matches both players featured against each other during the “Fergie Era”.

Neville recalled the famous “hair drier” treatment Alex Ferguson gave his Manchester United teammates on the pitch and during fiery halftime sessions.

Neville said that Ferguson was basically over the edge and fired up when it came to Liverpool and Manchester City Games.

Ferguson took a bit more relaxed approach at the end of matches when it came to other top table encounters he considered to be normal games, he recalled.

“He was a different person whenever we played big games; I know that his anger pattern was more consistent at big games.”

“If you trodded casually down the corridor during big games, he would walk up to you sounding a bit sarcastic with a “hi son” comment, but at normal games, Fergie would make casual conversations.”

“Throughout the season, the “hair dryer” was barely noticeable, but at games, at Anfield, the hair dryer was more pronounced at halftime or the end of the game.”

Losing At Anfield Unacceptable

“Losing at Anfield was unacceptable by Sir. Alex Ferguson. How we played never mattered to him, all he wanted at Anfield was a win!”

Whenever we lost at Anfield Fergie would sit in the dressing room like a statue, that petrified us, we could take him yelling at us, but not moving, we were scared to our wits, he implied.

When I was little, I remember seeing Fergie, Schmeichel, and Ince going at each other in the dressing room. It was a spectacular thing to behold, a proper yelling-off contest, Neville said.

Liverpool’s Home dressing room was very close to the Away team’s, so we always knew they overheard the yammerings and were probably having a good laugh.

Manchester United are away to Liverpool at Anfield this Saturday, and we expect a fiery encounter between both sides.