An NYPD officer was seriously injured as he was questioning the driver when the driver suddenly dragged the officer two city blocks in Brooklyn by his vehicle.

Officer Dalsh Veve, 35, was dragged for 2 1/2 blocks near Tilden Avenue and East 53rd Street in East Flatbush at around midnight by a driver while investigating him.

The 911 call

He was admitted to Kings County Hospital, where he stays in critical condition under intensive care.

Veve and five other officers received a report that said that gunfire took off in an area. The police were quick to respond and they went to investigate people there, according to the NYPD.

The officers realised the reason behind the 911 calls for gunfire was fireworks.

The investigation

Veve was questioning a group of teenagers inside of a black Honda sedan that was near the fireworks.

The rest of the officers saw Veve being dragged by the sedan west on Tilden Avenue.

After the officer had fallen on the street, the vehicle crashed and was left on East 53rd Street.

Think of police officer who put themselves at risk

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of New York City said,”Once again, we’re standing in the hallway of a hospital for a heroic police officer who went out while we were sleeping – went out in the street to make sure there’s not gun violence on our street to make sure we can wake up in the morning in safety. But because he was willing to do that with his life, he wasn’t safe.”

“We need your help when you’re going to bed at night. When you put down your head, please think of these police officers that go out there on the street, put themselves at risk and those police officers that came to his aid and heroically lifted him up and got him (to the hospital.) Hopefully, the doctors here can help him now too,” Lynch said.