The Android 8.0 is undoubtedly laced with features that are being explored as time goes on. The recent Google’s update to its OS seems to have more features than many think.

Until present, it has been quite a hassle printing from Android; every printer has its unique plugin that must be downloaded via the Google Play Store before you can achieve your printing. Afterward, the set up of the plugins comes with its chore. But the Android 8.0 Oreo gives a quick solution to the hassle that comes with printing from android – no need for third-party plugins for the printer anymore.

Google’s partnership with Mopria yields high

Google has collaborated with Mopria to make the Default Print Service available to the Android OS, making available, the native printing feature in the Android for the first time. The implication is that the Default Print Service will not function with any other printer that is not approved by Mopria.

Mopria-certified printers make up over 100 million of the printers presently available in the market, 97 percent precisely. Your printer is most likely to be compatible with this recent introduction.

Speaking of the innovation, the Board Chairman of Mopria, Greg Kuziej said mobile printing should be just on the go, despite where you are. He acknowledged Mopria’s technology, saying Android and Google has partnered to deliver hassle-free printing to Android users.

How to use the Default Print Service

To use the Default Service on the Android 8.0, go to Settings, select connected devices, printing, and then choose Default Print Service. Upon launching of the Default Print Service, you can find your printer via automatically via Wi-Fi or by inputting the IP address.

For a long while, Android has been void of a quick and easy way of printing files. Although it would have been better if earlier done, the Android 8.0 Oreo still rocks this feature.