The recent North Korean foreign minister’s warning of a nuclear atmospheric test over the Pacific should be literally understood, CNN said in an interview with North Korea on Wednesday.

“The Chancellor is very aware of our First leader’s intentions, so I think you should solve his words literally,” said Ri Yong Pil, senior diplomat at the North Korean Foreign Ministry.

North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said last month that Pyongyang could lift a “powerful detonation” of a hydrogen bomb above the Pacific Ocean in the light of increased tensions with the United States in its consideration.

Next week, Trump will visit Asia as he goes to the North Korea campaign to give up nuclear missions and missiles

Despite the rhetoric of the war, White House officials say Trump seeks a peaceful solution from the distance. But all options, including the army, on the table.

Leading South Korean opposition figure, Hong Jun-pyo, chief of the conservative party for the freedom of the Korean liberation, said on Wednesday in Washington Reuters that he supported Trump’s stance.

Hong announced that he had met with members of Congress and the Government and told them that most of the South Korean wanted a tactical nuclear weapon of the United States that had been withdrawn from the Korean Peninsula in 1992 or returned or that Korea had developed a nuclear capability.

“The only way to solve the situation is to have a nuclear balance between the North and South,” Hong said, the second place in the presidential election in South Korea.

Re-introducing nuclear weapons is unlikely, although it does not limit the demands of Seoul and Washington over North Korea to leave their nuclear programs.

During his election campaign, Trump said of the possibility that South Korea and Japan could obtain nuclear weapons, but government officials ignored the remarks and without evidence of a reorganization of tactical weapons.

On Wednesday he asked whether Trump shared the tense demilitarized zone of North and South Korea during the Asia tour, and he was visiting and puzzling.