Congress has just opened the door for a big skirmish between Republicans and President Obama regarding the Affordable Care Act.

The Republicans immediately came forward and demanded that it be abolished, whilst President Obama explicitly made an unexpected visit to the Capitol in order to protect the Affordable Care Act as much as he can before he finishes his term.

Vice President Mike Pence has been on the same page as the Republicans regarding the removal of Obama Health Law, and the Republicans have taken advantage into what they see as a moment of opportune on the campaign that has vowed for the Act to be removed.

Why So Much Hate?

The Affordable Care Act serves as President Obama’s trademark legacy and creation, as the facts show that it has led to insurance marketplaces online increasing, along with additional options for assisting those who need health insurances, and most of all the Act has aided millions of citizens who live on the border of the poverty line through Medicaid.

However, professionals on this matter have claimed that the entire Obama Health Law will be eradicated if the Republicans completely cease additional financing for it and remove any punishments or legal penalties for those who do not possess health insurance.

A Vague Future

Mr. Spence announced regarding this matter that the people of the United States have voted and are seeking for an efficient and profound flourishing future for themselves when it comes to health care.

The Vice president added that because of that, they seek to offer exactly that to the American people.

Although it was said that President-elect Donald Trump would be exerting his executive authority in order to make the process of the transition from Obama’s Health Care Law easier, no further details or specified methods of action were disclosed as of yet.