One of two teenage brothers dubbed the “devil boys” after torturing two young boys until they were on the point of death has been given a new identity so he can go to university.

The pair have been granted anonymity despite their sadistic attack which they carried out at the ages of just 10 and 11. Now 18 and 19, not even their original names can be revealed. Now, seven years on, the youngest brother says he is now the opposite of the boy who committed those terrible crimes in South Yorkshire.

He told judge Sir Geoffrey Vos at London’s High Court that he understood how serious his crimes were but that he and his older brother were committed to turning their lives around. The two brothers attacked a boy of nine and his friend, 11, for no other reason than they were bored.

Depraved attack

They lured the pair to wasteland before bashing them with rocks, throttling them with barbed wire, making them eat glass, biting them, burning them with cigarettes and sexually abusing them in an asssault which lasted an hour and a half. However, despite that, the were granted anonymity until they reached adulthood and now they have been given further anonymity, meaning they cannot be identified for the rest of their lives. The brothers were in foster care, under the supervision of Doncaster Social Services when they carried out the depraved attack. While one of their victims managed to seek help despite being covered in blood, his friend was left for dead and paramedics said he was moments away from passing away if he had not been found when he was.

Their lawyers used the Human Rights Act, claiming they would be subject to serious harrassment and persecution if they were identified. Sir Geoffrey agreed and ordered that neither their original names or new identities could be revealed in media reports of the case.