A man started shooting at people on Monday in Dallas Street inside the emergency where they treated a victim with a gun wound.

The mass shooting lead to a lock down of the neighborhood and an injured paramedic shot by the gunman.

After isolating the residential area of east downtown, police searched the houses and found the gunman dead along with another dead body.


Authorities believe that the two neighbors, the shooter and the gun wound victim, were fighting but the gunman ran away. It is said that the gunman killed himself after killing another person.

Late-morning, after hearing the sound of guns, a police officer directly headed to the crime scene but ended up injured and treated.

On Monday evening, David Pughes, Interim Police Chief, said that the police department was still doing interviews with neighbors and witnesses.

“It was just a simple dispute between two neighbors that escalated into a shooting,” people said to the officers at the scene.


Pughes stated that the officer who responded to the scene found an injured citizen as well as the paramedic. The officer then “”took fire from the suspect as they approached,” Pughes said.

“He went in alone and he pulled the paramedic out, placed him in his squad car and drove him to Baylor hospital,” Pughes said. “We believe … that as a result of those actions, that paramedic’s life was saved.”

According to the mayor, the paramedic went into surgery at Baylor University Medical Center and became stable but in a critical condition.

The mayor confirmed that the shot neighbor is in intensive care unit (ICU). As for the mysterious person who was found dead in the crime scene with the gunman, Richard Hill, City spokesperson, said that he was a man. Hill didn’t release nay other information.