A group of angry young immigrants singing “all or none of us,” closed a press conference of head of Nancy Pelosi’s minority home in San Francisco to try to support legislation that would allow illegal immigrants made by their parents to stay in the United States States.

Pelosi, accompanied by a representative. Barbara Lee, D-California, and Jared Huffman, D-California, have commented on efforts to win the adoption of the Dream of Rights, measures to protect against the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants called the dreamers,
Protesters, described as unemployed young people, condemned Pelosi’s interim agreement with President Trump to work together to provide relief to young immigrants.

Singing “We Are Not a Trading Chip”, protesters attacked Pelosi and his wife Democrats. The conflicts lasted about 30 minutes, the report says. The song obviously referred to the fact that Democrats could accept Trump’s demands for better border security and other actions, in exchange for an agreement to protect the 800,000 estimated program beneficiaries, Obama called for Delays in Child Adventures or Daca.

DACA recipients and their supporters insist on what they call the “Pure Dream Act”, meaning unconditional protection.

Pelosi and his democrats left the press conference

“This group today says that the Law will not sleep unless comprehensive immigration reform is over. We all want to make comprehensive immigration reforms … I understand your frustration – I’m excited about it – but the fact is that they are completely wrong” said San Francisco Chronicle.

The document, citing Pelosi’s assistants, reported that the protest was organized by the California Immigrant Youth Association. Group spokespersons were not available for comment, but the group’s web site had tweets about the protest.