Three floors of the 36-story Honolulu-based tower caught fire Friday, killing three

Cosmo DiNardo, 20, was charged with killing four young men who disappeared in Pennsylvania’s Bucks County last week. DiNardo’s attorney stated that his client admitted to killing the four men.

Gruesome details have begun emerging on the heels of DiNardo’s confession. He and his alleged co-conspirator Sean Kratz, 20, were charged with homicide.

DiNardo has been charged with all four homicides and 20 other crimes, including conspiracy, robbery, and abuse of a corpse.

Sean Kratz faces three counts of homicide and 20 other charges.

The four murdered young men – Dean Finocchiaro (19), Mark Sturgis (22), Tom Meo (21), and Jimi Tar Patrick (19), were killed following drug transactions in which DiNardo felt “threatened or cheated”.

DiNardo was a known firearms and marijuana deal in the area, and despite being known to be mentally unstable was frequently solicited by adolescents for his supplies.

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub stated: “We have so much more to do to bring justice in this case. I am very relieved to say we brought four young men one step closer to their loves ones so they can rest in peace.”

“We are not here to make moral judgments on any of their [the young men] actions. The have done nothing to deserve this horrible, unspeakable tragedy that has been beset upon them.”

Horrific details of the murders emerge

Kratz allegedly shot Finocchiaro to death, and DiNardo continued shooting his corpse. His body was then dumped into the pig roaster on DiNardo’s property.

Later that night, DiNardo shot Meo and Sturgis during a marijuana deal. Both bodies were then dumped into the pig roaster, covered in gasoline and set on fire.

Patrick’s remains were discovered in a “communal grave” elsewhere on the farm.

DiNardo’s lawyer claims his client is remorseful. A shacked DiNardo said “I’m sorry”, as he left the courthouse Thursday.