The PGA Tour administrators have revealed that blood testing will be introduced in the competition next season and will list the number of substances that will align with the list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada).

The PGA tour will make use of urine testing in their anti-doping move. There will also make use of blood testing to check for banned substances like human growth hormone.

The commissioner of the PGA, Jay Monahan, stated that this move was being taken to sensitize the sports and ensure that golf still remains a clean sport as always.

The PGA tour will also announce suspensions that are related to the use of recreational drugs in between tournaments.

At the moment, the suspension and misdemeanour charges that are related to the use of recreational drugs are not made public. But with this new rule, the charges will now be made the public beginning from this year.

The Tour offers weekly competition for the world’s best golfers who are based in the United States, while the Tour in Europe does the same for golfers in Europe.

The PGA Tour has operated its independent anti-doping system and it is in its 9th year and aligns with the US Anti-Doping agency and WADA in its operations.

However, its list of banned golfers is different from the WADA code as it related to three different categories and these are asthma medications, anti-inflammatory and allergy.

The figure of WADA for 2015 shows that golf went through the lowest amount of drug test for all sports under WADA.

The Standard For Olympic

The IOC has called on the PGA Tour to make use of the WADA’s code in full before it would assimilate the sports back in the 2016 Olympics, where athletes are subjected to blood testing.