Quarantine authorities held an urgent meeting Monday in the fight against the avian influenza infection they recognized in Busan, where a potential anthill last week.
For the first time in South Korea, South American types are painful stingers that in some cases head to anaphylactic shock and death.

According to the news, workers at a port in Busan found 25 fire fighters on an asphalted road in the molar area on Thursday. According to the report, the quarantine authorities have said they have found about 1,000 firearms that seem to have found a nest.

Red imported fire arches or RIFA are 2-6 mm in width and copper brown in colour. They have recently been found in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, China and Japan. These ants bite the poison that leaves the burning tip.

The Agency for quarantine of animals and plants called for extraordinary inspection and sterilization of docks where the containers were unloaded.

If it is considered that the ants were mixed with the transportation of habitats in China and elsewhere, the agency also called the port regularly delivered to China and Japan to handle pesticides in and around pesticides.
The authorities have said they have not yet found a Queen of Firearms, adding that it is too early to say that the situation is contained.

It is known that RIFA queens can put 2,000 to 3,000 eggs a day

In 2001 New Zealand suffered an infection and spent more than $ 880,000 over two years in nest removal.
Since the wing ants can fly from a distance of more than 10 kilometres with the favourable wind, the ministry has said it will comb the harbour centre to ensure that no nests exist.