On Tuesday, the police reported that a suspect was arrested in connection with the shooting of a police officer at Wayne State University, which occurred several hours prior. This is the first time that a WSU campus officer has ever been shot. Police say the officer was struggling for his life, after being shot in the head, at the Detroit Receiving Hospital on Tuesday night.

The captured man is assumed to be the suspected individual listed on the college’s site and connected to a blue mountain bicycle, which was found at the scene of the shooting around 6:45 p.m., located southwest of the WSU grounds. Chief of Wayne State Police, Anthony Holt said, “The officer is very critical”, amid a news meeting at the hospital. Police said the officer had been shot in the head.

The officer was watching an area close to the campus grounds, by Trumbull and Martin Luther King Blvd., when he began to observe an unknown man, said Holt. It wasn’t clear whether the officer had reacted to a 911 call, in spite of the fact that a lady who said she saw the shooting likewise said she’d called 911 in regards to a troublesome man on a bicycle. Another officer arriving to the scene found the injured officer on the ground, with at least one gunshot wound, said Holt.

The greater part of twelve police agencies took an interest in a huge manhunt, including Wayne County Sheriff’s delegates, Detroit Police, Michigan State Police and other government agents from various agencies. The officer was shot at Lincoln Apartments on 3650 Lincoln, north of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and east of Trumbull, by Motor City Casino’s gleaming neon lights and a scarred with weedy empty parts. Authorities say that three or more shots were fired.