The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are under fire for attending fewer engagements than Prince Charles and Princess Diana did at the same age. Number crunching from the daily court circular has revealed that Prince William went to 188 engagements this year, while the Duchess of Cambridge attended 140.

Prince William and Kate are currently juggling parenthood with official life, but comparisons have been made with the prince’s parents who were also managing engagements when Prince Harry and Prince William were little.

In 1985, when Prince William was three, his father attended a total of 404 engagements, which is more than double the workload of Prince William. Meanwhile, Princess Diana went to 299 that year, compared to Kate’s 140.

According to a source: “The Cambridges are the reluctant royals. They would much rather be at home with the children but so would most British parents. Unfortunately, ordinary people don’t get the choice.’

The documents also show that the Queen went to 332 events in her 90th year, while Prince Philip attended 219. Prince Charles, meanwhile has attended a staggering 530 events, while his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall has gone to 221.

Time to step up

Royal author Phil Dampier criticised the young couple for not pulling their weight. He said: “The Queen and Prince Philip are in their 90s, and Charles and Camilla are pushing 70, so it is time the younger generation stepped up.”

While he said that Prince William would not disappoint his grandmother by shirking royal duties, he could not put them off any longer. Kensington Palace has not commented on the statistics, although they come at a time when the Queen is understood to be in poor health. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that HRH is still recovering from a heavy cold.

The Queen has already announced that she is cutting down her workload slightly in her advancing years, by giving up the patronages to more than 20 charities.