Queen Elizabeth II has been too ill with the cold that has taken a heavy toll on her recently, preventing her from attending both the Christmas and New Year’s church services.

The Queen is said not have made any public appearance for about 12 days till now due to her illness.

Prince Philip attended the New Year’s church services whilst the Queen had to remain indoors at her estate in Sandringham to recover from the illness.

A spokeswoman announced that although the Queen had allegedly been ‘up and about’ in regards to finishing up official papers, she still did not feel well enough in order to go on about with her attendance at the church services.

One Going, One Missing

Prince Philip meanwhile attended the New Year’s services without the Queen and was driven to it as his age has hindered him from walking such distances at this point. Joining him in the services was Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and the Countess of Wessex.

The Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen had both come down with a heavy cold recently that ended in them postponing their traditional and yearly Christmas visit to their estate in Norfolk.

Although Prince Philip had felt well enough in order to attend the Christmas church services, the Queen unfortunately was forced to miss it, making it the first time in 28 years.

Queen’s Disappearance

Sources say that the Queen and Prince Philip have spent most of last week at their estate situated in Sandringham, and Philip is said to have attended the festivities that had been planned to take hold on Boxing Day.

The Royal couple were expected to depart by train from London to King’s Lynn on December 21st, but the scheduled visit was forced to be delayed due to them coming down with a heavy cold, and were transported to Sandringham from Buckingham Palace by a helicopter next morning.