The tough sport known as football will always have a battle in some shape or form. The most common battle is on the field, between 22 players. Every single player is fighting for the end result, a “W’. Every so often, those battles pour over into other areas. You may find a battle in the crowd and even a battle along the sidelines. But, how often do you see a battle with a teammate and the opposing teams’ coach? Or even worse, both coaches are going at it. Both of these battles took place on last Sunday.

The Fire Starter

There wasn’t a “knuckle match”, but there were some harsh words exchanged. It all began with an interception. The all-star Richard Sherman was doing his job and intercepted the pass of Buffalo Bills quarterback, Tyrod Taylor. After the interception, the die-hard Sherman let it be known about the damage he had done. Instead of simply returning to his sideline, he stared down the Bills’ sideline. This action rubbed Coach Ryan the wrong way. Afterwards, Ryan told Sherman, “You’re too good of a player to act like an ass.”

Coach’s Advice

Rex Ryan’s comment circled the media and Seahawk’s coach, Pete Carroll was questioned about the comment, on 710 ESPN Brock and Salk Show. Pete Carroll answered, “I just wish he’d coach his own team. Just coach your own team.” A play that followed didn’t help set the mood. Sherman went off sides on the Bills’ field goal attempt. The team was angry that Sherman wasn’t penalized for unnecessary roughness, but Sherman defended himself and stated that he did not hear the referee blow the whistle and the Buffalo Bills’ kicker, Dan Carpenter continued to attempt to kick the ball. Carroll supported Sherman, by saying “He (Carpenter) should avoid the contact, if he hears the whistle. Otherwise, he plays the play out.”