Manchester United, Romelu Lukaku, has revealed that his celebration in Manchester United’s win over Everton was just banter.

United turned on the heat in the last 10 minutes of the game after Wayne Rooney was substituted with 3 goals from Mikhitaryan, Lukaku and Anthony Martial.

Lukaku put his hands on his ear as he strutted down the touchline after scoring in the 89th minute which was seen as veiled shade at Everton fans but has revealed that was not the case.

It Was A Banter

“To me, it is just another goal and I was just happy at the time.” “Maybe it was some kind of banter but it is really nothing serious.”

“We had a lot of chance to score in the game but we blew it.” “Everton gave us a lot of issues in the midfield area and after the halftime team talk we were able to fix it.”

“In the 2nd half of the game they are also had a lot of chances but our quality stood out.”

Lukaku currently has 7 goals in 7 games for Manchester United which is much more than the record that was set by Ibrahimovic and Robin Van Persie (5 each). The team is still without the services of Paul Pogba who leapt of the game against Basel in United’s first game in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday.