South Korean Mobile Phone giants Samsung recently launched its next-gen voice assistant “Bixby”. However, the launch has been plagued with controversy as Tech watchers have labeled Samsung’s Bixby push, a simple copycat version of Apple’s Siri.

Siri was sold to Apple by a Voice assistant software company. After the rights of Siri was sold to Apple, the company rebranded its identity to Viv.

In a move to tackle Apple’s competition, Samsung acquired Viv last year. What startled Tech observers was that Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 and Note 8 versions deployed the Bixby voice assistant rather than the Viv VA.

Furthermore, on Wednesday in San Francisco at the Samsung Developer Conference, the company announced that Viv has been incorporated into a newer version of Bixby.

Explaining Samsung’s move Injong Rhee the Chief technology officer for Samsung, explained that today’s Smartphone industry is plagued with problems stemming from rising functionality across a limited Smart Screen threshold, that makes features accessibility cumbersome.

Rhee said that the beauty of a Voice assistant is its ability to allow its user issue verbal commands so that complex interactions can be bypassed on the users Smartphone’s touchscreen.

VA Makes Social Media Post

In a demonstration on stage, Rhee instructed his VA to make a Twitter post of a selected photo of his daughter, within seconds the audience saw the tweet live on stage.

Connected devices without screens are controlled by Bixby, which are connected through a Dongle called Project Ambience that plugs into dumb devices.

Rhee reiterated that Voice commands should be the future method of Device Interaction.

He announced that Bixby will also be integrated into Family Hub Refrigerators and Smart TV by 2018.

With Bixby, you can use these voice command prompts

“GO Channel Up”
“GO Channel Down”
“Find a Cooking Show”

Giles Bian Rosa said, “It’s an intelligent assistant that’s right on your television.”

Rhee was full of praises for Bixby as he told the audience that 10 million people have subscribed to the Bixby Voice assistant in three months after it was launched in the United States.