South Korean multinational Conglomerate, Samsung is having the time of the season as it announced that its pre-orders for Note8 have surpassed that of every note device released till date despite having a high cost of $930 as it’s starting price.

This comes as a surprise due to the issues encountered with their Note 7 where more than 1 million devices had to be returned in 2016 after about a month of its sales due to the mass exploding of its battery causing a serious ruckus.

This new development is an exciting one for Samsung as they expressed their happiness in seeing the strong customer’s positive reaction to the next level note. The New note was designed with the users in mind, to increase productivity, simplify their work and personal life and give room for self-expression. The device boasts of an impressive 6.3 infinity display.

Set To Hit Stores In September

The New Note 8 will be available in stores nationwide from September 15 which coincidentally is the same day the Note 7 was officially announced to be returned in the US. However, users who pre-ordered the devices from Samsung, T-Mobile, Verizon, and sprint have received their devices already, big thumbs up to the company.

The best pointer of how well the Note 8 is doing should come in two more quarters, once it has counted up the year-end occasion deals period that is generally the most grounded of the year for smartphones