Fast food wraps, cups and phthalate boxes – a chemical that is banned from other household products – should test more consumers on health effects, Senator Chuck Schumer said on Sunday.

Schumer (DN.Y. ..), the Minority Leader of the Senate, announced on Sunday a letter from the Director of Food and Drug Administration, and the bodies sought to launch a study on the consequences of phthalate use in food packaging. As FDA Scott Gottlieb’s letter writes to Schumer, federal regulators have already banned six types of chemicals that are used to make “more flexible and difficult to break”, as in “child’s toys and other child care products”.

It was designed to make Facilitating sleep, feeding, sucking or tooth

“Believe that we just sit all this information on phthalate chemicals by doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals and other industries, frozen as Rindfleisch Patty and prays that the FDA is worrying for the next appropriate level of consumer testing,” Schumer said in a statement. “The research is clear. The link between these chemicals has an impact on the body and not a very good reason, I ask the FDA to formally investigate fast foods with our hamburgers or sandwiches, keep our juices and they contain the remains. ”

Schumer wrote in a letter to the FDA, citing studies by the Centre for Disease Control and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), and others related to problems with thyroid phthalates and insulin in adolescence. Several studies also showed that Americans who often consume fast food, the higher levels of substances in their bodies have those who rarely eat fast food.

Researchers at the University of New York from 2013 found a link between “high levels of phthalates and increased insulin resistance among adolescents,” said Schumer, adding that the JAMA study of 2014 women showed a high level of urine-detected phthalates Are an increased risk of premature birth.

The data collected by the CDC between 2003 and 2010 has shown that those who consume a lot of fast food in the 24-hour period of higher two types of phthalates had the same period, less fast-food-robbing.
Our families and children are potentially harmful chemicals, “Schumer said in a letter to Gottlieb.